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Are you using Veritas Press Cards?

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Are you using Veritas Press Cards?
by Admin User - Monday, August 15, 2016, 2:06 AM


Our heart is to provide you with a rich and varied Classical curriculum. With that in mind, our staff has produced and posted Veritas created lap books to consolidate your Veritas Press Material into one cohesive lap book!  These are available for download in your moodle class forum alongside your first week's assignment sheets.   This will be great for those of you in 1st-4th grade and for 5th/6th-grade students in DeSoto.  If your 5th-8th student is using Mystery of History...never fear..there are already ample resources included in that curriculum.

Enjoy!  We will be posting additional notebook resources each month!   As always, we appreciate your feedback at

Jill Marr~VCS Parent Educator